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The International Association of Football Lawyers is a forum for the exchange of information and experience between lawyers specialized in this field.

The Association aims to value and assert the activity and image of football lawyers.

Our Association is international

Sports is by definition universal, hence so should be the law that governs it.

Football is played worldwide; through passion and practice, it has built a real social network at both local and international levels. Following the example of famous international football competitions, AIAF aims to create a link between various legal cultures, in a spirit of exchange and sharing.

The independence of lawyers and their professional ethics must serve football in its social dimension.

We value law as much as sport and we think that our ethics as independent lawyers can contribute to the development of football all the while enhancing the respect of fundamental rights.


Mission and Activities

AIAF intends to be a main referent with the public and private authorities which regulate football and to actively take part in the development of international and national football regulations.

AIAF’s mission is to emphasize the expertise of lawyers and their professional ethics with all the actors of football, particularly the clubs, the players, the agents, the sponsors, the national and international authorities of football and the public authorities. To achieve this mission, we think that it is crucial to develop the exchanges of knowledge and experience between lawyers specialized in the field of football from all the countries and the continents. To achieve this goal, AIAF provides intranet service for its members, with a forum and privileged access to information, cases, decisions, regulations and publications.

The AIAF members are encouraged to participate in discussions on any specific subjects in football law through different task groups.

AIAF organizes an annual Congress focusing on a relevant theme in football law, which is held every time in a different country.

Words of AIAF President

Patricia Moyersoen has been a member of the Paris Bar since 1985. She has been the founder and head of the law firm MOYERSOEN Avocats since 1988 and has been President of the International Association of Football Lawyers (AIAF) since its creation.

She is also an arbitrator at the Chambre Arbitrale du Sport, which is placed under the aegis of the French National Olympic Committee. She was appointed as a member of the UEFA Appeals Board from 2011 to 2015. She is Vice President of the French Association of Lawyers in Sports Law (AADS) and an active member of Women in sports law (WISLaw).
“In 2012, after 20 years of professional practice in football law, I noticed that lawyers specialized in this field were very isolated, that each of them worked on their own corner and that they were therefore not considered by the authorities as experts who could usefully contribute to improving the international standards governing football. It was then that I thought about bringing these specialized lawyers together in an international association so that we could not only exchange and share our respective experiences, but also reflect together on the problems faced by our clients.

The objective of the AIAF is therefore not only to create an international network of lawyers specialized in football law, but also to become and be recognized as one of the players in international football.

Today, the AIAF gathers 100 lawyers specialized in football law, spread over five continents and 34 countries.

We have organized six congresses since the association’s creation, during which we have worked on the main themes of international football law. The AIAF Congresses are not similar to other seminars and conferences on football law. Indeed, our congresses are organized in the form of highly interactive debates and workshops.

We invite the leaders of the highest international football institutions, as well as the various stakeholders, to come and discuss with the specialized lawyers who are best suited to explain in a precise manner the problems encountered by their clients. These debates are always fruitful and we draw from them recommendations that we address to the institutions concerned.The AIAF Congresses are also an opportunity for lawyers who are not members of the association, as well as young lawyers or students, to come and meet the most specialized lawyers and discover their daily professional practice.

Thanks to our partnership with Football Legal, our congresses are based on very serious scientific documentation and our debates have an international resonance.

The very international nature of the AIAF and its Congresses also makes it possible to understand the difficulties faced by international football bodies because, in truth, it is very difficult to impose international standards when each country has built and developed its national football on the basis of its own legal culture and football history.

Lawyer – Paris

Who are the members of the AIAF?

AIAF gathers lawyers from all countries whose point of mutual interest is their professional practice in the field of football and who want to create and develop a professional network in order to exchange views and reflect on football law.


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